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As the world continues to strive for smarter, better-connected societies, many government agencies in various countries around the world are responsible for improving the quality of life, achieving the highest indicators of security, and regulating demographics by providing smart and proactive government services and solutions that are efficient and effective. By leveraging knowledge and innovation, with a mindset of positive change, and ready to harness the benefits of cutting-edge technology, L4IT is at the very heart of this exciting journey, putting technology at the service of people through the varied range of solutions and services at citizenship and residency. By using innovative smart tools that bring the future even closer to today, through the Smart Services Platform offers residence, visa, passport, and civil records services to citizens and residents, which aims to simplify and enhance the user experience, as well as shorten the customer journey that has been taking hours or days from the preparation of the transaction until the departure of the service center.

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Why Choose Smart Services Platform

At L4IT, we recognize that our customers' needs and requirements are a reality we must meet in order to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with a passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our customers' growth and advancement. And due to our engineers, the successful and effective implementation of the Smart Services Platform in many government entities related to residency, foreigners' affairs, passport departments, and civil status agencies have enhanced the quality of government services and activated the efficient and effective proactive service system.

More specifically, they were able to:

Increased Operational Efficiency & Enhance Management

An interactive smart platform with many advanced features that increase indicators to optimize performance, enhance resource utilization and reduce cost.

Multiple Automated Channels for Service Delivery

Providing services across a variety of smart channels such as smartphones, web platforms, and self-service kiosks reduces the need for customers to visit the customer service center.

Better Decision Making

Provide data collection and analysis tools and statistical and predictive reporting that help support decision-making processes and continuously strengthen the service delivery mechanism.

Raise Customer Happiness Rates

Integrating all government institutions to provide services in one integrated platform and enhancing cooperation and coordination among them, enhancing user experience and satisfaction and access to easier and more efficient processing procedures.

Consolidating Smart Government Concept

The transition from paper services to smart, flexible, smooth, and responsive electronic services that achieve Governments' strategic objectives.

End-user profile registration and identity management via advanced technologies such as facial recognition (identifying both captured images and stored photos), as well as a flexible and intelligent mechanism for managing customer profiles.

Document reading and optical character recognition (OCR), machine-readable zone (MRZ), for reading identity documents, such as passports and ID cards.

Configurable and customizable business rules to implement laws and new applicable regulations.

An integrated and comprehensive electronic platform characterized by quality and speed in performance with flexible integration with other operating systems for strategic partners.

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