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Due to the rapid movements in technology, educational and training institutions of various kinds strive to keep up with this development and strive to adopt these techniques to shift from the traditional method of education and training to the new method, which is remote education, by leveraging new technologies to make learning easier and more efficient. At L4IT, in the process of seeking and keening the initiative to embark on a "transformation to smart teaching", we have developed and designed a comprehensive and integrated solution that helps educational and training institutions implement digital transformation plans in education, Through the Tahaluf E-Learning Platform, it helps to organize the educational process within an integrated platform that includes a variety of modules to manage courses, learning plans, and educational facilities, covering every aspect from student enrolment to evaluation and assessment. In addition, it helps to provide the educational staff and students with interactive characteristics such as topic discussion, rapid communication, and access to a wealth of information and references to any subject simply and flexibly, making the educational journey more accessible and efficient.

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Why Choose E-Learning Platfrom

At L4IT, we recognize that our customers' needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with a passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our customers' growth and advancement. And due to our engineers, the successful and effective implementation of the E-learning platform in many educational institutions and organizations, and training centers have led clear vision for the smart transformation of the education system.

More specifically, they were able to:

Flexible Learning

Provides a wide range of educational options, enabling students to continuously access the curriculum and obtain the required information anytime, anywhere.

The Automation of Teaching Processes

Automate the education journey and transform it from paper to digital environment contributing to reducing human errors and increasing the efficiency of the education system.

Development of Student Knowledge

Using new ways of learning and changing traditional ways, information delivery has become effective and seamless, allowing students to gain the most knowledge.

Highly Effective Learning Environment

Create an educational environment of cooperation among all parties by providing everyone with an opportunity to participate in interactive tasks.

Support Digital Transformation in Education

Upgrading the educational process by applying a variety of quality, efficient and transparent educational strategies and tools

Better Experience of Teachers & Students 

Providing high-quality educational services that achieve the highest level of satisfaction and meet the needs of both parties, which directly reflects on the progress of the educational process.

E-Learning Multimedia Resources  to manage the curriculum by creating, developing, and modifying educational content more effectively as well as easy control of the content display of various kinds (short texts, videos, slideshows).

Notification Management to manage notifications and platform alerts and the ability to integrate with emails and SMS  to facilitate communication between users to get the latest updates shared among everyone.

An integrated and comprehensive electronic platform characterized by quality and speed in performance with flexible integration with other operating systems.

Easy to track students' performance by assessing students' evolution in all tasks and then sending statistics and analytical reports summarizing students' performance throughout the academic year.

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