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About Declaration System

Money laundering and terrorism financing have become a top concern for all governments around the world. Protecting the integrity and stability of the social financial system and the national economy is the foundation of this effort. As we take innovation very seriously and we are committed to creating safer and more secure systems covering anti-money laundering and terrorism financing, we have developed and designed an integrated comprehensive solution that enhances customs services and facilitates customs work through the Customs Declaration system, which is related to currencies, financial instruments, precious metals, and precious stones of both departing and arriving passengers through all the country's ports (air, sea, and land). This contributes to high-level customs control and maintains society's security and stability from improper financial practices.

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Why Choose Declaration System

At L4IT, we recognize that our customers' needs and requirements are a reality we must meet in order to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with a passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our customers' growth and advancement. And due to our engineers, the successful and effective implementation of the Declaration in many customs and anti-money-laundering agencies has regulated the functioning of border crossings, enhanced community security, and improved customs services.

More specifically, they were able to:

Enhance Customs Efficiency Work

A comprehensive and integrated electronic system that consolidates customs systems through enhanced cooperation and coordination between the various customs administrations leading to higher quality of customs services and improved operational performance.

Raise Passengers Happiness Rates

A flexible electronic system that works to complete customs disclosure procedures quickly and is streamlined, saving passengers time and effort.

Competitive Leadership in Customs Services

Multiple smart channels to provide services that meet all customers' needs and requirements.

Improved Customs Decision Making 

The Customs Declaration System provides a set of data and statistics that can be used in reporting, which supports faster decision-making.

Achieve the Highest Standards of Security & Stability

Reduce improper financial practices and combat money-laundering offenses that contribute to protecting society's security and economy.

Positive Impression on Travelers

travelers saving time on check-in desks and onsite efforts, as well as reducing port traffic with pre-declaration procedures put in place for a smoother journey.

An integrated and comprehensive electronic system characterized by quality and speed in performance with flexible integration with other operating systems.

A flexible and easy mechanism to process applications, from the submission phase to the review and approval phase.

Notifications and alerts to keep users updated.

Currency exchange rate according to the latest rates, as well as the currency converter calculator.

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