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In recent decades, there have been dramatic changes and developments in the management of hospitals and healthcare institutions. Many healthcare institutions strive to foresee the future of healthcare by implementing best practices in hospital management in accordance with the highest international standards. In line with the achievement of the healthcare system and fully aware of the importance and needs of the health sector in all of its sub-sectors, the role of L4IT was highlighted by drawing up the road map and defining its parameters in order to attain the highest quality in healthcare knowledge by designing and developing a system called HELTHO, a comprehensive and integrated solution that anchors the latest technology and software tools in the service of the health sector. which is designed to support the management of the administrative and medical aspects of hospitals, from patient records management to staff records and accounting, as well as an advanced financial reporting system and a comprehensive statistical system to support decision-making in a way that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of health care institutions.

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At L4IT, we recognize that our customers' needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with a passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our customers' growth and advancement. And due to our engineers, the successful and effective implementation of Heltho in many hospitals, medical centers, and health care providers has achieved the concept of health strategy and ease of management of all hospital operations and developed the quality of health care services provided. More specifically, they were able to:

Medical Error Reduction

A unified database that enables healthcare providers to quickly and easily retrieve patient information and electronically check health records.

Healthcare Automation

Automate some administrative and medical processes in hospitals and reduce errors resulting from human intervention.

Support Decision Processes

An easy-to-use dashboard displays system transactions and real-time data as well as extracting reports that help in decision-making.

Improve Patient Experience

Raise the level of care received by the patient by improving the quality and efficiency of services.

Enhancing Access to Health-Care Services

provides services more easily or accessible for people with limited time or limited transportation options.

Business Operation & Cost

Increase operational efficiency, while reducing operational costs.

Verify the patient's eligibility for health services through integration with the insurance company's portal.

E- medical library to View the patient's treatment options according to the health situation.

A medical services, laboratory reports, and radiology request is made for the patient electronically.

Use the international code to search for diseases and symptoms ICD10.

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