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If you want to move to a new home, get a new job, or even visit a friend, the first thing that comes to your mind is the transportation to reach your destination! Transportation is one of the components of cities and the basis for their civilization. Digital transformation processes included the transportation sector in a comprehensive manner to make the lives of individuals better.  Many digital solutions are implemented in the transportation sector in an entrepreneurial manner, And when digital solutions meet with entrepreneurship, L4it IT stands out at the forefront of the conversation! Our advanced capabilities in the transportation sector are highlighted by Veloz Taxi! a one-stop solution that enables you to manage all your operations for a unique and secure transportation experience. Veloz Taxi is a full-fledged system that provides comprehensive services through web platforms to manage the system, and a mobile application for both the driver and customers, to organize reservations in a smooth and flexible manner in order to cover all destinations that passengers want to go to, get all the products they want, with the aim of increasing income for drivers and providing a professional level of transportation services. Veloz Taxi cares about making everything possible, from improving transportation services through an enabled technology infrastructure, increasing customer satisfaction levels, enhancing drivers' productivity, and increasing customer retention opportunities through elegant, modern, and easy services! All this and more is possible through the Veloz Taxi system.

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At L4it, the secret ingredient in our successful recipe is you! We feel proud to match your expectations with reality, with full responsibility to pay attention to the smallest details to present an excellent experience full of passion and power. As a result of our commitment, Veloz Taxi is proudly implemented in all the transport sector with all its components, such as government public transport authorities, taxi service providers, public and private transport end-users, and others. We have left a clear imprint through our advanced capabilities with full trust that we can increase efficiency and save time and cost. With Veloz Taxi Solutions you can enjoy the best experience through:

Comfortable rides at any time

Through Veloz Taxi, you can allow passengers to book their rides at any time and from anywhere through re-booking reservations or reservations on demand.

E-Payment Services

Through the E-payment system linked to the Veloz Taxi system, customers can pay with their credit cards, and drivers can also obtain their revenue’s by transferring to their cards linked to their accounts through the system, which means an integrated financial system that guarantees the rights of all users.

Excellent customer services!

Through the Veloz Taxi management system, passengers can submit their suggestions and comments about trips, vehicles, drivers, and other suggestions in order to improve their experience and work to develop it better.

An effective management system

An effective system for managing information, where it is possible to save the passenger's trip history, their ratings, and the methods used for payment, enhances the forecasting of future demand cases and increases them.

Comprehensive security system

Customers can feel reassured that the monitoring system determines the location of the vehicle with high accuracy, and the customer's application also includes the ability to send warning signals (SOS) in case they feel danger or a sudden change in the ride path.

By using the interactive map in Veloz Taxi, you can track vehicles, trips, and the locations of customers and drivers with ease and accuracy. The presence of the interactive map enhances the concepts of safety, quality, and control in order to raise productivity and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Be environmentally efficient and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles used through ridesharing, which allows customers to share their rides with others going to the same destination, saving time and cost on shared rides while ensuring convenience.

Obtain an integrated, secure, and sustainable system using electronic payment methods that ensure that all transactions are recorded with high accuracy and that users' rights are preserved in an effective digital manner.

enhance the relationship between customers and drivers through a favorite that allows customers to choose their favorite driver. Favorites enable you to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by choosing their favorite driver and maintaining their loyalty to the application.

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