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Development in the transportation field is not limited to expanding road infrastructure. Today, digital systems have become an integral part of the development system, which requires the presence of all solutions to manage the road system and daily traffic movements with the aim of increasing the levels of satisfaction among citizens. In response to this development, L4it has developed a comprehensive solution with a strategic infrastructure to handle day-to-day traffic management to achieve high levels of operational efficiency. Peajo is an automatic road-tolling management system without needing to stop or slow down for the process to take place. Peajo works to reduce unregulated traffic flow in order to increase road efficiency, it also works to identify vehicles and deduct traffic fees automatically without any intrusion, complex operations, or stopping and disrupting vehicles. This process mainly aims to manage and operate roads in an easy way, achieve high profits, improve traffic flow, and provide a smooth experience for drivers. Peajo is an ideal choice for entrepreneurial governments that are looking for excellence in their services. Peajo enables competent authorities to maintain flexibility and smoothness in managing road operations through a system capable of tracking and modifying laws through one comprehensive system.

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At L4it, the secret ingredient in our successful recipe is you! We feel proud to match your expectations with reality, with full responsibility to pay attention to the smallest details to present an excellent experience full of passion and power. As a result of our commitment, Peajo is proudly implemented in the Government sector, Transportation Sector, Huge Private Institutions, and more!  We have left a clear imprint through our advanced capabilities with full trust that we can increase efficiency and save time and cost. With Peajo Solutions you can enjoy the best experience through:

Flexible System

Peajo is designed to control any changes and amendments easily and flexibly to traffic laws, which makes the system work within the required work rules in record time with the aim of enhancing the flexibility of road management and control in cases of severe traffic congestion.

Increase Efficiency

Provide drivers with a unique experience through the Peajo system, which aims to automate all routine and manual operations through an integrated system full of powerful features that stand alone with great options, to reduce errors and the time allotted for traffic and road congestion operations.

Reducing Costs

Control your costs associated with designing traffic booths and checkpoints, let Peajo take over the task and invest your money in developing more effective road management solutions!

Improves and optimizes toll revenue collection.

Through the electronic payment methods provided in the Peajo system, there is no need to exchange or collect money in traditional ways, leave the task of collecting and following up fees to Peajo.

Optimizing organizational resources

Reshape your resources creatively through the Peajo system, which automates all processes and strengthens governance to increase the capabilities of governments to invest in their resources in development and innovation, rather than focusing on routine and repetitive processes.

In Peajo we impose all scenarios, the Peajo system is based on integration with Maestro Blocks in the event of a decrease in the accuracy of automatic identification of vehicles, which calls for directing verification requests to those concerned based on their access permissions to ensure the continuity of work efficiently and safely.

Peajo uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies that operate optical recognition of letters and numbers which is developed by our talented arms using the best standards.

Peajo pays attention to the smallest details of the collection gates through its modern design, and resistance to all weather conditions, to operate with high accuracy and to be easy to install and deploy anywhere.

A flexible and accurate fee collection system for the traffic toll gate, and follow-up grievances and complaints in the event of recording incorrect vehicle movements.

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