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Digital transformation stresses governments as they are one of the most complex institutions in the world, Governments need to make double efforts in digital transformation and cyber security at the same time. At L4it, we fully believe in the size of our responsibility as change leaders in digital transformation, and the importance of our presence in all fields, in addition to our possession of possible, our high-quality expertise in the field of law enforcement qualifies us to present dForce as a strategic step towards supporting successful digital transformation by improving and simplifying government security operations, which in turn guarantees high levels of accuracy, transparency, and satisfaction for users, furthermore, dForce is low-code to the no-code platform which mean it is easy to use for users and control for officers. Either working alone or integrating all our modern solutions, dForce offers a golden opportunity to develop, enhance and streamline government security services.

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At L4it, the secret ingredient in our successful recipe is you! We feel happy to match your expectations with reality, with full responsibility to pay attention to the smallest details to present an excellent experience full of passion and power. As a result of our commitment, dForce is proudly implemented in investigation Agencies, Police Departments, Drug and Addiction Rehabilitation Facilities, Forensic, Public Safety Agencies, Licensing Authorities Agencies, and Anti-Money Laundering Departments. We have left a clear imprint through our advanced capabilities with full trust that we can increase efficiency and save time and cost. With dForce Solutions you can enjoy the best experience through:

Increase the Efficiency of the Police Services

dForce empowers your daily tasks with advanced technologies that improve judicial performance and enables workers to perform their tasks effectively.

Enhance Digital Transformation Journey

dForce stands behind your journey with powerful tools to offer one platform that consists of an integration of security and police services and tasks.

Increase Collaboration

dForce guarantees secure information exchange between workers through their internal communication channels to enhance and facilitate the decision-making processes.

Optimal Resource Utilization

The provision of police services can be improved by improving organizational resources and investing them properly.

Raise User Happiness Rates

A flexible application submission process that reduces inaccurate information, or any missing documents, and increases satisfaction levels for workers and users.

You can assign authorities through the delegation of authority and define the roles based on access level control to protect criminal file information from any unauthorized access.

Flexible integration tools within internal systems or any third parties or external systems to increase efficiency and productivity.

A comprehensive dashboard that is able to manage and track all criminal files and related actions using advanced technologies and dynamic workflows with a powerful data analysis tool.

The ability to manage custom activities using smart dashboards to enter, track, and modify all crime files by entering all related details of the crime and ensuring the KPIs related to actions.

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