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Today, smart cities are a mirror that reflects the urbanization of countries and the ability of governments to lead societies to a luxurious, comfortable, and safe life. While the list of traffic congestion today is filled with the names of countries that suffer from this issue chronically, L4it IT comes with a list of smart solutions to address this problem, in L4it we were able to provide ComfiPark as a magic touch to the problems of vehicle overcrowding and the search for parking in a comfortable way, avoiding the idea of traffic jam or parking illegally or in unallocated places. ComfiPark is one of the advanced digital solutions that are used to solve the problem of parking in an easy and modern way through the use of the ComfiPark application, all you need is simply to plan your trip as appropriate for you, and we offer you the options that suit you. Book easily, Park comfortably, and Pay in one click! Through ComfiPark application, which provides you with many services, with the talented arms of our engineers and their expertise, we were proudly able to take our position today as change leaders in the parking solutions sector by employing the latest technologies to make the best experience for you.

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At L4it, the secret ingredient in our successful recipe is you! We feel proud to match your expectations with reality, with full responsibility to pay attention to the smallest details to present an excellent experience full of passion and power. As a result of our commitment, ComfiPark is proudly implemented in In all areas that need to manage and control their car parks, such as Transportation, Tourism, Educational Institutions, Health Institutions, Administrative Institutions, Shopping Centers, and others. We have left a clear imprint through our advanced capabilities with full trust that we can increase efficiency and save time and cost. With ComfiPark Solutions you can enjoy the best experience through:

Optimizing Resource Utilization

Through ComfiPark solutions, We empower you to make optimal use of your resources and save the time allotted for organizing and accelerating parking operations, by automating routine and repetitive operations with a comprehensive system that can be easily managed.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Parking services are associated with hiring employees to follow up on available parking, which makes the process costly and complicated. Through ComfiPark system, you can save on administrative costs associated with organizing parking services.

Organize Traffic

Through ComfiPark, you can organize the parking process and know the available parking in advance, which helps customers enter the parking lot allocated to them in an organized and smooth manner.

Minimize Congestion

ComfiPark uses sensors that help customers with green lights for available parking and red for occupied parking to ensure that crowded gathering points are reduced and offer them a comfortable experience for you.

Pick your park, confirm your reservation, or even the validity and renewal of permits through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for the vehicle in the ComfiPark system, to provide services to customers in record time and with a unique experience.

Through the pre-booking system, your customers can choose the parking location and the allotted time before arrival, which allows them to save and invest their time in a better way and avoid traffic congestion.

ComfiPark supports various E-payment methods through the application, which removes the barrier of waiting to pay for the parking service or searching for the collection staff.

Get more levels of satisfaction with ComfiPark 's customer order management system, which deals with all customer requests of any kind, in addition to taking care of customer complaints and working to resolve them at record speed.

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