Health & Safety Policy Statement

We at Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions LLC, provide technical solutions specialized in security, safety, software development, and implement technical solutions. While carrying and performing our activities, we ensure a safe work environment by identifying hazards associated with activities carried out at places wherever we work. We ensure our workplace is safe from hazards, our employees, contractors, and visitors are injury free including our products and services. Zero health, safety incidents and zero injuries are our targets, and we will continually ensure that we are accomplishing these targets on a sustainable basis. This policy is communicated to our employees and will be available for interested parties upon their requests and requirements.

Take a part in participation and consultation of workers in refining of established, implemented and maintained Occupational Health and Safety management Systems as per ISO 45001:2018 and other Management Systems.
Aspire for prevention of work-related injury and ill health, by health and safety being integrated into all our activities in order to create a safe working environment to nurture a Work life balance.
Honor, review and comply with the relevant laws & regulations of United Arab Emirates and other areas wherever we will work.
Assess the performance indicators that identifies opportunities for Occupational health and safety related improvements in established business processes in accordance to internationally recognized management systems
Look into and ensure all activities are sustained by appropriate risk assessment related to occupational Health & Safety.
Upgrade performance of its people through continuous training and risk identification at early stages to eliminate hazards and incidents,
Flourish health and safety culture within our employees and other interested parties working for our organization and or on the behalf of our organization to enhance their experience with us.